Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just the Sea

I walk the verge of wetted stones,
salt stink and the dismembered limbs
of slaughtered crabs
Mats of sea grass, humped and shrouded
like something dead unseen
Flies and fleas and leave it alone

At the hem of the sea there is only that
It overwhelms me with breadth and mystery
humbles, steals the rank of me
Diminishes the land behind
as if the whole world is the sea

The lip of sky sips the unquenchable waters
there in the tension of elements,
the glide of sails illumined and seamless
I can only imagine the tilted decks
and briny spray, shouts of joy and forgetting

And at my feet
a bottle so green and perfect to greet me,
empty of wine and the kisses of lovers
I hold it against the pearl sun and wonder
how such simplicity can render tears
as if I have uncovered the secrets of the day

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