Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Wasted Life

the hours fall like ashes
from your kindness
as I kiss the hurt
the world has given you

all the time you loved me
there was no other
but the silence killing
me out along the bay

the sea remembered me
when I stood upon
the shore wondering
about the depths of it

so many times my footprints
were filled by another tide
rising to erase my passing
as if I never lived at all

there is not a time for you
and there is no time for me,
there is only this and the drift
of clouds that pleases you

you know I am not a man
that comes easily
to whispers when shouting
is all I can hear

but I am willing to silence
the untold stories
that I hold so dear,
strip them down

to what they are,
yesterday's dreams
like unpicked fruit

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