Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

every day incomprehension
in the faces of the dead

terror seeps into willing hearts,
there is danger of petrification

we could break at any moment,
fall to our knees, broken identities

will someone gather
the shattered bits of us?

it is just too hard, wars and
calamities, the kids at school

don't bother, we have no future,
put me in the trash

but there is always someone
willing to put us back

you know her, the one who smiles
and tells us that it's going to be alright

how did she learn this resiliency
when she still suffers alone?

we wonder if we will
have that strength, the might of her soul

 a mother's words come to us like blessings
down there on the floor

she'll tell you that she's been there too
and no one to lift her

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