Saturday, December 31, 2011

I am the Earth

I am the Earth
and the fall of nations,
the rising and the risen
and the fires that never cease

I am the ruined shores
and the plastic island of your making
that threatens the sparkle of a thousand suns
tossed across the sea

I am the Great Auk and the leopard
dying in the snow, the macro and micro,
the killer and the killed
and the harpooner of old Nantucket

I am the bloom of every flower,
the fall of every leaf
and the child in the photograph
nearly dead and the vulture you cannot see

I am the pain you all feel,
the power that you stole in the night
and the fatal hour that you will
for your sons and daughters

I am the melting ice 
and the long strides
of the green incarnations
who feed their brothers first

I am the last breath of the white bear
and the change that rests inside you

I am the Earth

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