Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Death in a Wilderness

somewhere in the dark forest
hares gather in the dry wells
and lynx smell their fear
that is surrender,
all this with the stars cold
against the blue-black night

i've stood alone and listened
to the heart beats of life,
understood that i could die
at any moment, all would
be lost and the pines still
soughing like sadness

i would be gone and the voles
would tunnel their singular madness
under the new snow
and the great gray owls would
be patient without me, soundless
as they dive into space

and these things
are a comfort to me, to know that
wilderness is a place i can touch,
that grounds me, inspires me
to protect the One Life
that breathes in us all

there is a home where
my bones can mend, a place
that holds me with gentle hands,
warm and loving where the free
can sit a while and be safe
and wonder about this unity

out in the street today
i saw him gaunt against a bitter wind,
he has no home, he is faceless,
unknown to the cars rushing by,
a man who keeps moving
ahead of his own death

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